Your Road to the Web

Web design, Graphics Design, Web Hosting, Photography and Photo Editing since 1997

Smithstreet is Your Road to the Web. Since 1997, we been offering all the services you need to get your message on the Web.

We are here for the small bussiness or personal sites.

A web site is a solution to the problem of getting your message to the world. That message could be a showcase of your products, listing of your services or just a way to represent yourself.

Smithstreet offers an array of both basic and custom service to our clients. These services start with the basic idea for the site and continue to the hosting and support of the completed site. including include graphics design, site development, photo editing, Fl ash development. Video streaming and email setup. Years of experiences allow us to deliver what our clients want, not just something that will do.

A basic site contain 4 pages, Welcome, About, Products and Services and Contacts. Most business accounts should also have Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This is all many businesses and individuals need and the type of clients we mostly support: Clients who do not need a lot and do not want to pay a lot.

And, Yes, your site will be mobile friendly.

Currently we are accepting clients by referral only